Tired all the Time? If Your Diet is the Problem, it’s also the Solution

Tired all the time, wiped out, exhausted, fatigued… my clients all had different ways of saying it, but the problem was essentially the same. As a nutrition consultant, I encountered the same health issues time and again. Top of that list, by a mile, was low energy, or however you prefer to put it.


Most of these people were fairly young – usually in their 30s or 40s. Sometimes they were only in their 20s. ‘You should be bouncing off the walls!’ I’d occasionally comment, and they’d always agree.


I sometimes thought of my clients as perfectly healthy, but not very well. More often than not, they looked fine enough, having had their good health confirmed by a raft of medical tests. They held down jobs, relationships, lives, but their narratives revealed heroic juggling skills. Hardy as they appeared, inside they were struggling with exhaustion, coupled with anxiety about their exhaustion.


If that sounds like you, it’s worth considering possible dietary causes of your fatigue, especially if you’ve tried everything else and been given the all-clear by your doctor. To continue reading this article, click here.

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