Maria Cross

I’m a nutritionist. My career began in 1994, when I gained a diploma in nutritional therapy; a few years later, I gained an MSc in Public Health Food & Nutrition. Today, I’m a nutritional therapist and a writer. Along the way, I’ve also been a university lecturer and tutor, helping set up the first BSc nutritional therapy teaching clinic in the UK.

I specialise in mental health and diet. This is the area of nutrition that I find most fascinating, though in reality, nutrition and the brain cannot be separated from nutrition and any other part or system of the body. To understand diet and mental health is to understand diet and the gut; to understand the gut is to understand the immune system. You can’t separate the immune system from the hormonal system, or metabolism from muscle. The body works as a complete ecosystem, and the whole is always greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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