About AYCE

All You Can Eat is for those of you looking for answers to your health questions. It is curated by me, Maria Cross. I’ve been a nutritionist since 1994. Nutrition is a broad subject, and I’ve covered much of it over the years – you can read my story in “About Maria”.

I specialise in brain nutrition – but by default that means I also specialise in gut nutrition, immunity and metabolic health. Everything is connected. What happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut: it travels to the brain, to bones, to organs… to every cell in the body.


From ADHD to autism, from depression to dementia, nutrition is involved in every step of the way. The bacteria in your gut interact with neurons lining the digestive tract, sometimes called the second brain. And that second brain responds to your stress levels. Gut bacteria are responsible for how well you digest and metabolise your food, or respond to an invading pathogen.

Here, you will find a range of articles that I’ve written relating to mental health, weight loss, and other health matters. You may find all you need to know just from reading an article or two.

Sometimes the answers are not so straightforward, and a private, personalised consultation may be the best solution. Consultations were how I began my career in nutrition, and I’m still doing them now. The satisfaction of signing off another happy, healthy client is immeasurable. Here you will also find details about what a consultation involves, and how to book one.

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Client testimonials

“After all these years of living with IBS, I can’t believe I finally feel like a normal human being” – Johan, London.
“I got a new job and was terrified I was going to blow it. I couldn’t concentrate, had no energy and my mind was a fog. But now I’ve got my energy and my confidence back, thanks to the advice you gave me.” Toni, London.
“You’ve converted a sceptic. I honestly wasn’t expecting such great results. Thank you!” Marta, Kent.

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