Client testimonials

“After all these years of living with IBS, I can’t believe I finally feel like a normal human being” – Johan, London.
“I got a new job and was terrified I was going to blow it. I couldn’t concentrate, had no energy and my mind was a fog. But now I’ve got my energy and my confidence back, thanks to the advice you gave me.” Toni, London.
“You’ve converted a sceptic. I honestly wasn’t expecting such great results. Thank you!” Marta, Kent.

OUT NOW! My new book on diet and mental health

How to Feed Your Brain

  • Because everything you eat affects the way your brain works.

  • How To Feed Your Brain is a guide to eating the most nutritious, brain-friendly foods available, to maximise brain function throughout each stage of life, starting in the womb. This book is about the key brain nutrients, those that fuel the brain, give it structure and make it work.
  • It’s also about how deficiency of those key nutrients can affect cognitive function, and how to spot the signs that something in the diet is lacking.
  • This book is for anyone keen to maintain healthy brain function and avoid dementia and cognitive decline in later life. It is also ideal for those who are struggling with mental health issues and who wish to explore dietary solutions. People caring for others with mental health problems will also find it a useful resource.

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