Why You Should Always Choose the Full-Fat Option

In order to eat a wholefood diet, you need to eat the whole food.

I recently bought a tub of fat-free, natural yogurt. For a nutritionist, this was more than a terrible mistake. It was an entry-level error that made me feel like an amateur.

Removing the fat from a whole food benefits no one, other than the manufacturer doing the removing. That may come as a surprise to some, but don’t believe the health hype. Here are five reasons why you should always choose the full-fat, unadulterated version over the hollowed-out shell of an alternative.

1. Low fat foods make you fat

As chef and TV personality Julia Child once famously put it, “fat gives food flavor.” If you take something out, something that provides flavour and satiety, you have to replace it with an alternative. Sugar is the manufacturer’s go-to fat substitute. It fits the bill very neatly. It also increases the risk of obesity, all too well.

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