You only need one diet

Along with chronic diseases, something else is starting to surface, something less visible but arguably more sinister. The human brain is shrinking, as confirmed by a body of research that has been accumulating since 1988. This shrinkage — atrophy — began during the Epipaleolithic period, which was the transitional period between hunter-gathering and agriculture, and remains an ongoing phenomenon. Over the last 20,000 years, average brain size has decreased by 10%. What’s even more alarming is that the last 4,000–6,000 years have witnessed an acceleration of this atrophy.

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What you learn about racism, from studying the human brain.

When you go back, Africa is everyone’s starting point. As the title of an article in Newsweek proclaimed, in August 2014, “There is no such thing as race”. This article describes how, in 1950, an international panel of experts at UNESCO issued a statement confirming that “race” is a myth. When they looked for the differences separating us, all they found were similarities.

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