The five best diet hacks to transform your mental health

Your brain is made of what you eat. Change what you eat.

People see a nutrition consultant for a variety of reasons: to improve energy, have better digestion, lose weight — that sort of thing. Increasingly, the goal is to improve mental well-being.

Over the course of fifteen years in practice, I noticed a pattern. Often when people sought advice for physical problems, what they really wanted to address was their mental health.

My role was to find the cause of physical and mental imbalances. Diet won’t change past trauma, if that is what lies behind depression and anxiety, but in the absence of external events there is a good chance that food is the culprit, messing with brain biochemistry and creating a negative impact.

There are many dietary factors that can affect brain function. Here I focus on the five that I encountered most frequently in clinic. The clue to identifying the right one(s) often lies in the accompanying physical symptoms. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, you too might spot the clues. Here’s a guide to nutritional sleuthing for mental well-being.

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