All The Scandals – From Nutella to Meal Deals and Coca Cola on Wheels

This week, we learned:

That those ubiquitous high-street ‘meal deals’ can contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar.  According to a survey carried out by the campaign group Action on Sugar, some of these deals contain as much sugar as 79 chocolate fingers. Yes, it’s a strange analogy. Most of us can’t really imagine the sugar piled up in 79 chocolate fingers. Anyway, that’s what you get when you cram a supersized soft drink and chunky bar of choc into your deal bag. Sugar content aside, there is something desperately sad about a meal deal. Queuing in Boots or WH Smiths for your lunch should be regarded as a wake-up call. It’s a sorry deal, for a sorry meal.


The Nutella formula has been secretly tweaked to contain more sugar and fewer hazelnuts. Everyone was up in arms, from fans of the gooey brown stuff, to its detractors, including the aforementioned Action on Sugar. This campaign group sure is being kept busy, getting absolutely nowhere.


Coca Cola is coming to town. Step aside, you Nutella amateurs. Here come the professional sugar merchants. The Coca Cola Truck Christmas Tour is coming to a town near you. Travelling around the UK in its seventh year, the Coca Cola truck will be stopping off at 42 locations, from Glasgow to Essex, to make sure you get the message. Good luck with that one, Action on Sugar.


Blood from young people could help treat Alzheimer’s disease Scientists have discovered that infusions of blood from young donors could improve memory and cognitive function in older people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. Early clinical trials have proved promising. AYCE has just spotted a fabulous marketing opportunity for black pudding.


It’s back to business in scandal hit chicken factory. You may recall that the now infamous 2 Sisters factory, the country’s largest supermarket chickent supplier, was forced to close down at the end of September, after undercover filming by the Guardian newspaper and ITV News revealed shocking hygiene standards and cooked books. Chicken pieces were picked off the floor and returned to the production line, and packaging dates were doctored. The factory is now set to reopen, after making “significant changes”. As fast as you like, M&S, Tesco and Aldi have all revealed their forgiving natures and indicated that they will shortly resume orders. But you don’t have to.





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