Brexit disaster avoided with hamper

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2021)

Online Italian delicatessen Diforti has created a “Brexit Box” of Italian “essentials” to help get us through this fraught period of turmoil an uncertainty.


According to the entrepreneurial musings of director of Diforti, Carlo Diforti, “The price of olives has hit a seven-year high, and there are warnings of an impending cheese shortage.”


So it is a pity that there are no olives or any cheese in this luxury hamper. Instead, you’ll find gluten free penne, crackers, truffle oil and tuna loins in oil, among other fancy delights in a lovely hamper box.


Best of all is the opportunity to place a corporate bulk order. Diforti is catering for the apocalyptic possibility that you may find yourself holed up in the basement of your office building with your colleagues. Which, in view of the inescapable Brexit balls-up currently unfolding on every media outlet, is starting to seem like a good idea.


Source: Food & Drink Technology

Image by Wolfgang Eckert/Pixabay

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