The Health Benefits of Skipping Breakfast

If you want to be lean and burn fat, have a lie-in.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was an advertising slogan created in 1944 by General Foods, makers of the breakfast cereal Grape Nuts, based on no evidence whatsoever.

Still, it was catchy and memorable, so it got picked up by nutrition experts who decided to run with it and are still out there running with it down through the decades.

As a nutrition consultant, I hear people regularly say that they have no appetite first thing in the morning. Yet they feel they should eat something anyway.

Oh, the irony. So many people overeat and snack constantly, yet at the one time of day when they don’t feel like eating, the power of cultural conditioning kicks in, and in a bizarre twist of logic, they force themselves to have something.

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Image: Shameenmiller on Pixabay


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