Feeling the Love from Tate & Lyle, and Your Killer Carrier Bags

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)
This week, we learned:
  • That Tuesday 10th October was World Mental Health Day. Appropriately enough, AYCE has just published an article about the role of vitamin B12 in brain health, and why vegetarians and vegans are at serious risk of deficiency.


  • That Jeremy Hunt spoke about childhood obesity in Britain, at the Conservative party conference, while wearing a Tate & Lyle lanyard round his neck. Tate & Lyle sponsored the event. Some wag on Twitter tweeted: It’s like Trident sponsoring a CND rally. Quite.


  • Greggs the bakers is trialling a home delivery service called UberEats. At the moment it’s only available Up North, but if it proves successful, it will also be rolled (geddit?) out Down South. You don’t have to.


  • That exercise “is not key to obesity fight”. It’s long been known by experts that exercise is important for the prevention of disease, but has little impact on weight. Still, the food industry has always promoted the belief that exercise can counteract the effects of eating their godawful products.


  • Those ‘bags for life’ that you have stuffed into your car boot and under the stairs carry a food poisoning risk, according to the Food Standards Agency, who have clearly run out of things to advise us about.


  • Runny eggs have now been declared safe for pregnant women to eat, after 30 years of them not being safe, thanks to improvements in welfare standards and vaccinations. Cruel, intensive livestock farming has its own karmic comeback.





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