Ashley asked 2 months ago
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2020)

I am a 37 year old women, I\\\’m in school for massage therapy and work at a health food store. I\\\’m constantly seeing people in pain and thinking we have some magical cure to fix it. All the research I\\\’ve been doing is showing that inflammation in the body is the roof of most pain felt. Somewhere along this journey I\\\’ve become intrigued with the idea of food as the healer. I guess my question is for someone my age is it worth going down the path of a nutritionist? It seems to keep coming up in my head, I\\\’m researching things constantly and I continue to get frustrated about the things I don\\\’t know. This had been mostly for selfish reasons. I\\\’ve experienced what they say is IBS for 2 years now but I really don\\\’t think that is what it is. I am in the second day of a water and sometimes coffee fast after yet another bout of antibiotics from what I can only assume is vaginal dryness since it\\\’s not a years infection and I tested negative for any STDs. So my plan right now is to let my gut take a little break and set a diet that works for me to heal it. I am on the fence about drinking bone broth while fasting. I know it heals the gut but I\\\’ve just read so much that I\\\’m confusing myself at this point. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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MariaC Staff answered 2 months ago
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2020)

I may be biased, but I always encourage anyone interested in nutrition to take up the subject as a career. It is very rewarding. But be sure to enrol on a serious course – degree level or equivalent. You appear to have the right approach to be a nutritionist, by which I mean you are interested in the process of understanding the cause of a health issue rather than just looking for a cure. That is the essence of the work. You mention inflammation, and indeed it is increasingly recognised by the scientific community that inflammation is at the root of so many chronic diseases. At this stage, rather than attempt to resolve your own health issues I suggest you consult a nutrition practitioner. This will also give you insight into how a professional works. Be sure to check your practitioner’s credentials. I recommend someone with a few years of experience in managing gut health. I hope you are able to resolve your health issues.

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