The Health Benefits of Coconut: Facts or Fraud?

Many extraordinary claims are made for the therapeutic effects of the coconut. And it looks like many of them are justified. With its exceptional oil, water, and medium chain fats, the coconut is the food of kings. It doesn’t taste bad either.

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Five Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is an extraordinarily nutritious food, despite its high sugar content. That may sound like a strange paradox; after all, the harmful effects of sugar on health are well documented. Even so, honey has some remarkable health properties that make it the exception to the rule. Here are five reasons why you should keep a jar in your store cupboard.

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Why You Should Eat More Butter – And Bin that Spread

Butter is not only entirely natural, it contains health-giving fatty acids, such as butyric acid. It also contains CLA, which has been shown to help block colon tumour cells. Margarines and spreads, on the other hand, are made from refined vegetable oils, and not only have an inferior taste, but also contain trans fats.

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