About AYCE

Welcome to All You Can Eat.  AYCE is the on-line nutrition magazine that provides accurate, up-to-date information to help you make informed dietary choices for your health.  There’s no flaky nutribabble here: facts are sacred, and if there’s no evidence, it doesn’t go in.


AYCE is about keeping track of latest developments, and doing the research for you. If you want to know if a ‘superfood’ really is all that super, or just a load of marketing twaddle, you’ll find the answer here. And if you can’t – just ask AYCE! Click on the menu tab and post your question. I’ll respond as soon as possible.


Maria CrossAYCE is written and edited by me, Maria Cross (MSc), nutritionist and author.


My career began in 1994, as a nutrition consultant. I went on to spend 17 years helping clients in one-to-one consultations. What an eye-opener that turned out to be: people with long-standing health concerns, exasperated and at their wits’ end, found that by making simple dietary changes they could eliminate their symptoms and regain their health and zest for life.


It was hugely rewarding for me, too. During my time as a consultant, I began holding workshops and talks on the connection between diet and health. I studied for a Masters degree in Public Health Food and Nutrition. One thing led to another, and eventually I became a lecturer and tutor at the University of Westminster. While I was there, I co-authored my first book, Nutrition in Institutions. It’s a resource book for academics and policy makers responsible for nutrition policy in our major institutions.


Once I’d moved out of London and into the countryside, I had plenty of opportunity to discover that writing is definitely my favourite medium. I now research and write about nutrition and mental health, with a focus on depression and dementia.


All You Can Eat is an evolving, organic comestible. Enjoy – there is a lot more coming for your delectation.