About AYCE

Welcome to All You Can Eat. 

AYCE is about all that is good to eat, for your health, and above all your mental health.

Everyone’s got advice for you on what to eat. There’s a diet guru on every corner, urging you to cleanse and detox yourself this way or that. Is that a diet you are following, or a cult?

From depression to dementia, find out how diet is key to mental wellness. AYCE is for anyone who wishes to explore dietary connections and solutions. AYCE is also for anyone interested in maintaining good mental health, especially if concerned about developing dementia in later life. Perhaps you care for others with mental health issues, including children with autism or ADHD.

Diet matters: mental health disorders are rising exponentially, a phenomenon that cannot be ascribed to genetics.  In 2014, nearly 20 per cent of people 16 and over in the UK were living with either depression or anxiety.

Nevertheless, there is still little mainstream discussion of dietary influences on brain function. The information is there, but it is not being disseminated. Whereas people are generally aware of the link between diet and physical health, there is little consciousness of the connection to the brain. Diet is a modifiable solution, one that is accessible to all.

AYCE is edited by me, Maria Cross (MSc), nutritionist and author. My aim is to sift through the research and provide you with the facts. All my articles are evidence-based, and linked to the research.

Only facts are sacred. And your health is pretty important too.

Welcome to all that is good to eat. Welcome to All You Can Eat.

Maria Cross




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