How gut bacteria can lift depression. Be sure to feed them well.

The bacteria in your gut can profoundly affect the way you feel and the way you respond to stress. This ‘gut-brain’ is able to communicate with the head-brain along the vagus nerve. If you want your brain to work well, feed your bacteria well.

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Instagram Stars Promoting Pies-in-the-Sky, Mice with Love Handles and doing Unspeakable Things with Cheese.

This week’s news includes the ASA crackdown on social media stars and their paid promotions, weight loss research involving mice with love handles, the new cheese tea fad and vegan pizzas.

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Alzheimer’s disease and the sugar connection

Alzheimer’s and diabetes are so closely linked that researchers now refer to Alzheimer’s as type 3 diabetes. Here’s how to reduce your risk of both.

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Winning at weight loss: Check for underactive thyroid (again)

Fatigue and easy weight gain are typical symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Too many people see their doctors for a thyroid test, which comes back negative. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a thyroid problem – mild hypothyroidism is surprisingly common, and usually passes undetected.

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